Total Canada – Fuel Your Ride With Total and Ultramar – Win a new fully equipped KIA RIO car valued at $20,000 OR 1 of 210 Instant prizes


The information you share will be used only for contest administration purposes and will
be used in compliance with Total Canada’s privacy policy. Any questions, comments or
complaints about this contest must be addressed to Total Canada.

The FUEL YOUR RIDE WITH TOTAL AND ULTRAMAR contest (hereinafter called
the “contest”) is held by Total Canada (the “sponsor”) and takes place in Canada at
participating Ultramar locations. The contest begins on February 16, 2017 at 1:00pm
EST and ends on March 28, 2017 at 11:59pm EST. (The “Contest Period”).

The contest is open to residents of Quebec, Ontario, the Atlantic provinces (New
Brunswick, Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia) and Newfoundland and Labrador
having reached the age of majority where they reside at the time of entering the
contest. The following people are excluded from the contest: employees, agents,
representatives, directors and officers of the sponsor, its affiliated companies and
dealers, their respective advertising or promotional agencies, this contest’s
applicable prize and service providers, as well as immediate family members (father,
mother, brother, sister) of any of the aforementioned parties, their legal or commonlaw
spouse, and any other person with whom these people reside.

To enter the contest, visit a participating Ultramar location. The contest website
address and the entry password will be displayed on posters there. The contest
website and the entry password will also be available on the Total Canada Facebook
page ( By visiting the contest website, you must
complete the entry form and write the password, indicate your last name, first name,
full mailing address including your postal code, your phone number with area code
and your email address. Declare that you have read and complied with the contest
entry rules by checking the appropriate box and click on “Submit”.
You will be eligible to receive one (1) entry to the contest (an “entry “), subject to your
compliance with these official contest rules (as determined by the sponsor). In order
to be eligible, your entry must be submitted and received according to these official
rules during the contest. There is a limit of one contest entry per person per
registered email address for the duration of the contest. If a person registers two (2)
times or more, only the first entry received from this person will be considered.
Entries are subject to verification, and they will be declared null if they do not comply
with these rules.

By entering the contest, each entrant asserts and warrants that their entry complies
with the contest rules and conditions. Any entry that does not comply with the rules
as defined will be disqualified and will not be taken into consideration.

Description. The contest has one (1) grand prize. The prize is one (1) new fully
equipped KIA RIO car, which will be a 2016 or 2017 model depending on the
particular dealer’s inventory (approximate value of $20,000).
Description. The contest has two hundred and ten (210) secondary prizes. The
prizes are one hundred (100) Total tuques with a value of four dollars ($4), one
hundred (100) ball caps with a value of ten dollars ($10) and ten (10) fuel cards
worth fifty dollars ($50).

Without limiting the generality of the foregoing, the following conditions apply to each
prize: (i) prizes must be accepted as awarded, and cannot be exchanged, replaced
or transferred, subject to the following (ii) the sponsor reserves the right, at any time
and in its sole and absolute discretion, to substitute the prize or, if applicable, a
component of it for any reason whatsoever with a prize or a component of the prize
of equal or greater value, including, without limitation, a cash prize; (iii) the grand
prize winner is solely responsible for all expenses that are not included in the above
prize description; (iv) by accepting the prize, each winner agrees to waive any
recourse against the beneficiaries (as defined in paragraph 10 of these rules) in
association with accepting or using the prize and acknowledges that from delivery of
the prize, any obligations related to it become the responsibility of the suppliers of
products and services making up the prize. Prizes will be awarded only to eligible
entrants who have complied with the contest rules. To clarify, the grand prize
winner(s) will be responsible for all incidental expenses incurred after accepting the
prize. Each winner agrees and understands that they cannot obtain reimbursement
or compensation for these expenses from the sponsor or their respective advertising
or promotional agencies.
The following limits apply to this contest:
• There is a limit of one (1) entry per person.
• There is a limit of one (1) email address per person, when the person has
more than one.
• On April 17, 2017 at 10:00am EST, the grand prize will be drawn as follows:
one (1) grand prize from among residents in the regions eligible to
participate in the contest. A draw will be done in the Montreal offices of the
agency responsible for administering the contest using randomizing
• The chance of winning a grand prize depends on the number of entries
received during the contest per applicable geographic market, which are: (i)
the province of Quebec, (ii) the province of Ontario, and (iii): New Brunswick,
Prince Edward Island, Nova Scotia and Newfoundland and Labrador.
• Instant prizes will be awarded directly during online registration. Winners of
instant prizes will receive confirmation by email.
• The chance of winning an instant prize online is 1 in 3.
• Winners will receive their prizes by mail.
• Instant prizes will be awarded among the participants/residents in the
regions able to participate in the contest.
To be declared a winner and to be able to claim a prize, any entrant selected must
respect and agree with the following conditions:
9.1 Comply with these official contest rules, including the contest eligibility
9.2 For the Grand Prize, the entrant must be reached by telephone or email, at
the sponsor’s sole discretion, in the days following the draw. In the event
where a selected entrant is contacted by email, they must reply to it in
accordance with the instructions provided therein, where applicable. If a
prize notification email is returned undelivered, the sponsor will have sole
discretion to disqualify the participant’s entry or to attempt to reach them by
9.3 The entrant must complete and sign the declaration and exemption from
liability form (the “declaration form”) that the contest organizers will send by
mail, fax or email, such that they comply with all the conditions prescribed in
these rules and by which the selected entrant agrees that by accepting the
prize, they release the beneficiaries (as defined hereafter in paragraph 10 of
these rules) from all liability related to entering the contest and prize
acceptance. The entrant must also answer the skill-testing question also
included on the declaration form and return it to the sponsor so that it is
received within ten (10) days after its receipt;
9.4 Provide or complete any other documentation reasonably requested by the
9.5 If the entrant selected: (a) is unable to correctly answer the skill-testing
question; (b) fails to return the duly completed declaration form or any
document requested by the sponsor within the deadlines, (c) is unable to
accept the prize as awarded for any reason whatsoever, (d) or otherwise
fails to comply with these rules; then the entrant will be disqualified (and will
lose all rights to a prize) and the sponsor reserves the right, at its sole
discretion, to cancel the prize or to hold a new draw, according to these
rules, from among the eligible entries received, until an entrant is selected
and declared a winner.
9.6 Within two (2) to four (4) weeks following receipt of the duly completed and
signed declaration form, the sponsor will contact the winner in order to
explain the steps required to take possession of their prize. The confirmed
winners will be announced on the contest microsite.
Total Canada, its affiliates and brands as well as all its directors and officers,
employees, agents and representatives, as well as its respective advertising or
promotional agencies (collectively the “beneficiaries”) make no representation or
provide any warranty whatsoever, explicit or implicit, with respect to prizes. Winners
acknowledge that they cannot attempt to obtain reimbursement or compensation nor
seek recourse from the beneficiaries in association with accepting or using a prize,
including, without being limited to, in the event where the prize does not me. The
beneficiaries will not be held et the winner’s expectations or is not to the winner’s full
satisfaction liable for: (i) any failure of the contest website or any website linked
thereto, (ii) any operational or communication transmission error or failure affecting
a recorded entry or affecting or preventing the ability to enter the contest, for any
reason whatsoever, including, but not limited to, technical problems or congestion
on the contest website congestion or any website linked thereto; (iv) any loss or
damage suffered as a result of, directly or indirectly, in whole or in part, downloading
any webpage, software or transmitting any information related to this contest,
including any damage to any computer equipment owned by an entrant or any other
person, arising out of or resulting from entering or attempting to enter the contest.
In the event that the computer system is unable to record all the entries during the
contest, for any reason whatsoever, or if entry to the contest must be ended in
whole or in part before the end date provided for in these rules, the draw may be
made at the sponsor’s discretion, from among the entries duly received and
recorded during the contest or, if applicable, up to the date of the event that
terminated the contest entry period.
Prizes must be accepted as awarded. Except as provided in these rules or at the
sponsor’s sole discretion, prizes are not transferrable and cannot be exchanged for
money or substituted in whole or in part. If the prizewinner is unable to accept their
prize as awarded, their entry will be cancelled and they will be disqualified.
The sponsor reserves the right, at its sole discretion, to replace the prize or any part
of it with a prize of an equal or greater value. It also reserves the right to modify the
contest rules, to suspend or terminate the contest fin at any time, without prior
notice, subject to approval from the Régie des alcools des courses et des jeux du
Québec, if required. In all cases, the sponsor shall not be required to award more
prizes or to award a prize other than in accordance with these entry rules.
All decisions made by the sponsor or its representatives in relation to this contest is
final and without appeal, subject to any decision made by the Régie des alcools, des
courses et des jeux du Québec in relation to any matter within its jurisdiction.
All the entry and declaration forms become the sponsor’s property and will never be
returned to the participants. Any entry or declaration form that is incomplete,
illegible, mutilated, fraudulent, recorded or transmitted late, contains an invalid email
address or phone number, does not contain the correct answer to the skill-testing
question or is otherwise non-compliant, may be rejected and will not be entitled to
an entry or a prize, whichever the case. The beneficiaries assume no responsibility
for entry or declaration forms that are lost, stolen, destroyed or illegible because of
any technical failure of the telephone network, online computer systems, servers,
access providers, software, poor reception, technical problems with email or failure
to send, as well as for any other reason, regardless of the cause.
By entering the contest, each registered participant, including the prizewinner,
authorizes the sponsor to use their name, the name of their municipality of
residence, their photograph, comments, voice, image, resemblance and any
statement made in relation to the prize for promotional purposes in connection with
the sponsor’s activities or the contest, including any future editions of the contest, in
all media and without compensation for an unlimited period. The prizewinner agrees
that their statements relating to the prize may be used in any media for promotional
purposes. In addition, the sponsor reserves the right to select, at its own discretion,
a few winners to film a video of them enjoying their prize for advertising purposes to
be used on any media, including on the Total Canada website and its Facebook
page, without compensation and for an unlimited period. In the event that they are
chosen to do so, the winners agree to participate in this video and agree to
collaborate with the sponsor to provide any additional authorization required for this
purpose from people who will appear in the video.
By entering the contest and willingly providing personal information including,
without being limited to, the name, address, municipality of residence, email
address, home telephone number (the “participant’s information”), each participant
in the contest gives the sponsor express permission to collect and use the
information about them for contest administration purposes. There will be no
communication between the sponsor and the entrants outside of the contest, other
than in accordance with these rules or the sponsor’s initiative, unless the participant
has otherwise consented.
For the purposes of these rules, the entrant is the person whose name appears on
the entry form and the prize will be awarded to this person if they are selected and
declared a winner.
The contest is subject to all applicable federal, provincial, territorial and municipal
laws and regulations in the provinces where the contest takes place.
A dispute about the organization or conduct of the advertising contest may be
submitted to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux so that it can be settled.
A dispute about awarding the prize may be submitted to the Régie only for the
purposes of an intervention to try to resolve it.
If a paragraph within these rules is declared or deemed illegal, unenforceable or
void by a competent court, then this paragraph will be deemed void, but all other
unaffected paragraphs shall be applied within the limits prescribed by law.
In case of any difference between the English version of these rules, if available,
and their original French version, the French version shall prevail.