Cascades Tissue Group – Your Recipe in Ricardo Magazine – Win a prize package valued at $250


1. The “Your Recipe in Ricardo Magazine” contest is held by the Cascades Tissue Group, a
division of Cascades Canada ULC (the “Contest Organizers”). The contest will take place
online from November 15, 2017, at 9:00 a.m. to January 3, 2018, at 11:59 p.m. Eastern
Time (the “Contest Period”).

2. This contest is open to residents of Canada, except those residing in the Northwest
Territories, Yukon and Nunavut, who have reached the age of majority in their province
of residence at the time of entry. Employees, agents and representatives of the Contest
Organizers, of any company, corporation, trust or other legal entity controlled by or
affiliated with the Contest Organizers, their advertising and promotion agencies,
suppliers of materials or services related to the contest, as well as members of their
immediate families (brothers, sisters, children, mother, father), their legal or commonlaw
spouse and any individuals with whom these employees, representatives and agents
are domiciled, are not eligible to participate in the contest. An email account is required
to participate in the contest.

No purchase necessary
3. Registration.
3.1 To enter the contest, you must visit (the “website”) and
follow the instructions within the Contest Period:
3.1.1 You must complete all the required fields on the contest entry form on the
Cascades Fluff & TuffTM website:
• First name*
• Last name*
• Email address*
• Confirmation of email address*
• Your recipe*
In the space provided, write out your recipe by entering the preparation
time, cooking time, number of servings, ingredients, and preparation in the
designated fields. Note that it is important to take into consideration the eight
selection criteria, set out in section 5 of these rules, that the “preselection”
jury and “final selection” jury will be taking into consideration to select the
3.1.2 Make sure that you have checked the four mandatory boxes to complete your
contest entry; otherwise, it will not be valid.
• You must confirm that you have read and accept all of the Contest Rules,
by checking the appropriate box, and the Consent, Permission, and
Waiver Statement in respect of the submitted recipe, by checking that box
as well;
• You must agree to receive electronic communications from Cascades,
including offers, coupons, contests, press releases, surveys, and VIP news
by checking the appropriate box. Unsubscribing will not affect your chances
of winning. To unsubscribe, you must click the “Unsubscribe” link at the
bottom of the email sent by Cascades Fluff & TuffTM.
• Confirm that you are not a robot by checking the appropriate box.
3.1.3 You must click “Enter.” Your registration will then be recorded.
4. Participation limits. Entrants must respect the following limits. Failure to do so may
result in disqualification:
4.1 One (1) entry per email address;
4.2 One (1) entry per person and per email address if entrant has more than one
email address.
5. Jury evaluation criteria. The following criteria will be used by the “pre-selection” jury
and the “final selection” jury to analyze the submitted recipes and select the contest
winner (the “Selection Criteria”):
Selection Criteria Maximum points
Relation to the contest theme: your signature dish that is a source of
great pride, and that everyone asks you to prepare.
20 points
Simplicity (ease of execution, prep time, cooking time) 15 points
Family-friendliness (can be done with children, comfort food, liked by
15 points
Practical/clever (freezes well, can be used to make lunches) 10 points
Originality (novelty factor, added a personal touch) 10 points
Aesthetics (appetizing, tasty) 10 points
In season (blends in with the magazine’s contents) 10 points
Local ingredients (ingredients from the entrant’s region) 10 points
Total 100 points
6. The following conditions apply to the recipe (the “Recipe”):
6.1 The Recipe must be original and each entrant, as individuals, must be its sole
author, or have obtained all the required rights and/or authorizations for its use
as part of this contest;
6.2 The Recipe must not infringe on anyone’s privacy, in particular by containing the
name of a person or by revealing private aspects of his or her life, unless that
person’s consent has been obtained;
6.3 The Recipe must not contain inappropriate content, in particular content that is
offensive, harassing, discriminatory, defamatory, violent, malicious, hateful, that
offends the prevailing societal values , or that denigrates the products or services
of the Contest Organizers or their affiliated companies. Moreover, it must not
contain language that is suggestive of or promotes illegal activity and must not
contain any commercial content promoting a product or service other than those
of the Contest Organizers. The entrant must ensure that he or she has obtained
all required authorizations regarding any element of the submitted recipe that
contains material protected by copyright, any other intellectual property right, or
any third-party right;
6.4 The Recipe must have been created specifically for this contest and must not
have been published previously or submitted to another contest or promotion.
7. To be eligible for the contest, every entrant must provide the following permission by
checking the appropriate box on the entry form:
Declaration of Consent, Permission, and Waiver
in respect of the Submitted Recipe
I hereby grant Cascades Tissue Group, a division of Cascades Canada ULC, and its
representatives permission to reproduce, disseminate, publish, distribute, publicly
represent, edit, modify, and translate the submitted recipe, and declare that I have
obtained all necessary authorization from the appropriate people. These permissions are
granted worldwide, without any compensation and for an unlimited period of time, for
the purposes of this contest or for any other purposes related to the activities of Cascades
Tissue Group, a division of Cascades Canada ULC, including but not limited to, publication
in Ricardo magazine (in paper or digital format) and, without limitation, on the website,
on Web banners, on existing online platforms (Facebook, Twitter, Flickr, YouTube, etc.),
in Ricardo magazine or in advertising materials promoting this contest or its future
editions, if any, or services and/or products of Cascades Tissue Group, a division of
Cascades Canada ULC. I consent to the use of my first and last names and place of
residence in relation to the submitted recipe. I declare that this recipe is original, that I
am its sole author, and that I am not violating any laws or rights of a third party. I agree
to provide Cascades Tissue Group, a division of Cascades Canada ULC and its
representatives with the permissions mentioned herein, upon request. I recognize that
Cascades Tissue Group, a division of Cascades Canada ULC and its representatives accept
no liability for the use and distribution of the recipe submitted for the authorized purposes
and that they cannot be held liable for any violation of the terms and conditions hereof
or of the terms of use of the website by its users. I agree to reimburse Cascades Tissue
Group, a division of Cascades Canada ULC, and its representatives the amount of any
expense that they may incur as a result of any claim or legal action resulting from the
use or distribution of the submitted recipe.
8. Prize. One (1) grand prize is offered with an approximate total value of $250 (the
“Prize”), comprising:
• The winner’s recipe published in the French and English Spring 2018 editions of
Ricardo Magazine;
• a two-year subscription (16 issues) to the print edition of Ricardo magazine,
valued at $80.47;
• A gift card good for the Ricardo store valued at $100;
• One (1) Cascades FluffTM plush toy worth $10.95;
• One (1) Cascades TuffTM plush toy worth $10.95;
• Ten (10) $5 coupons redeemable at participating retailers and applicable to the
purchase of one of the following Cascades products: Cascades FluffTM bathroom
tissue and Cascades TuffTM paper towels, with the exception of products sold at
Costco and Dollarama retailers (the “Eligible Products”);
• One (1) reusable Cascades Fluff & TuffTM bag worth $2.50;
9. Coupons.
9.1 Each coupon is redeemable for one of the Eligible Products, with the exception of
products sold at Costco and Dollarama retailers (the “Eligible Products”).
9.2 Participating retailers will honour original coupons only (no alterations or
9.3 Coupons are non-refundable and cannot be exchanged for cash.
9.4 The winner will receive no credit or refund if the value of an eligible product
purchased is less than the coupon value.
9.5 Coupons will not be replaced if lost, stolen, damaged, altered or used in an
unauthorized manner.
9.6 Coupons must be used by December 31, 2018.
9.7 Coupons are subject to all other restrictions and conditions appearing on the
coupons or that may be communicated by the Contest Organizers. Some
provinces may require retailers to collect applicable taxes.
10. Jury.
10.1. In the period from January 4, 9:00 a.m. (EST) to January 5, 2018 5:00 p.m.
(EST), a “preselection” jury, composed of four employees of CRI Agence, will
preselect 10 recipes that earned the most points according to the selection criteria
identified in section 5 of these Rules, from among all of the recipes submitted in
the “Your recipe in Ricardo magazine” contest. This preselection will take place
at the office of CRI Agence located at 85 St-Paul Street West, 120 and 180,
Montréal, Québec H2Y 3V4.
10.2 On January 6, 2018, between 9:00 a.m. (EST) and 5:00 p.m. (EST), the “final
selection” jury, composed of four employees of CRI Agence, will select the
winning recipe to be published in the Spring 2018 print edition of Ricardo
Magazine, from among the 10 recipes chosen by the “preselection” jury, based
on the selection criteria specified in section 5 of these rules. This selection will
take place at the office of CRI Agence located at 85 St-Paul Street West, offices
120 and 180, Montréal, Québec H2Y 3V4.
10.3 Odds of winning. The odds of winning depend on the number of entries
received during the Contest Period and the number of points earned during the
evaluation of recipes in the preselection and final selection phases.
11. To be declared a winner, the selected entrant must:
11.1. Be reached by email, at the sole discretion of the Contest Organizers, within three
(3) days following the jury’s final selection described in section 10.2 of these Rules
and reply to the email in accordance with the instructions provided, when
applicable. If the prize notification is returned non-deliverable, the Contest
Organizers may, at their sole discretion, disqualify the entrant;
11.2 Complete and sign the declaration and release form (the “Declaration”),
confirming compliance with these Rules, and answer the skill-testing
mathematical question on the Declaration. The selected entrant must sign and
return, within three (3) business days of receipt, the Declaration sent by the
Contest Organizers;
11.3 in addition to the authorizations already specified under section 7 of these Rules,
assign the Contest Organizers all copyright or intellectual property rights in
relation to the submitted recipe and, as applicable, waive his or her moral rights
to the submitted recipe to the Contest Organizers and, upon request, submit any
additional documentation demonstrating that he or she holds all the rights to the
submitted recipe, with no form of compensation. A paragraph to this effect will
be included in the statement form;
11.4 On request and in a timely fashion, produce one piece of photo identification;
11.5 On request and in a timely fashion, consent to a confidential background check,
both for the entrant and any individuals entered in the contest alongside him or
her, in order to confirm that the use of their identity in any advertising or contestrelated
activity would not discredit the contest or the Contest Organizers nor
cause them any harm.
12. Failure to comply with any of the conditions mentioned in these Rules or to accept the
Prize will result in the selected entrant being disqualified. In such a case, the Contest
Organizers may, at their sole discretion, cancel the Prize or proceed with a new draw in
accordance with these Rules until a selected entrant is declared a winner.
13. Within two (2) to four (4) weeks of receipt of the duly completed and signed Declaration,
the Contest Organizers will deliver the Prize by mail or contact and inform the winner of
the method by which the Prize can be claimed. Furthermore, it should be noted that the
winner’s recipe will be published in the French and English Spring 2018 editions of
Ricardo Magazine.
14. Verification. Entry forms and Declarations are subject to verification by the Contest
Organizers. Any entry form or Declaration that is, as the case may be, incomplete,
illegible, mutilated, fraudulent, received or submitted late, containing an invalid email
address or otherwise noncompliant, shall be rejected and will not entitle the entrant to
an entry or to a Prize, as the case may be.
15. Disqualification. The Contest Organizers reserve the right to disqualify any person or
to cancel one or more entries of a person who enters or tries to enter this contest using
methods that do not comply with these Rules or that are unfair to other entrants
(e.g. entries sent after the deadline, in violation of third-party rights). Such a person may
be reported to the appropriate legal authorities.
16. Conduct of the contest. Any attempt to deliberately damage the Contest Website
and/or any related site or to undermine the legitimate conduct of the contest is a violation
of civil and criminal laws. In the event of such an attempt, the Contest Organizers reserve
the right to disqualify the entrant and seek damages to the fullest extent permitted by
17. Acceptance of Prize. The Prize must be accepted as described in these Rules and may
not be transferred, in whole or in part, to another person, replaced by another prize or
exchanged for cash, except as provided in the following paragraph.
18. Prize substitution. Should it be impossible, difficult and/or more expensive for the
Contest Organizers to award a Prize (or any portion thereof) as described in these Rules,
the Contest Organizers reserve the right to award a Prize (or any portion thereof) of
similar nature and equal value, or, at their sole discretion, the value of the Prize (or any
portion thereof) indicated in these Rules, in cash.
19. Limitation of liability: Use of the Prize. By entering this contest, any entrant selected
for a Prize releases and holds harmless the Contest Organizers, any company,
corporation, trust or other legal entity controlled by or affiliated with the Contest
Organizers, their advertising and promotion agencies, their employees, agents and
representatives (the “Released Parties”) from and against any damage that may arise
out of acceptance or use of the Prize.
20. Website. The Contest Organizers do not warrant that access to or use of the Contest
Website or any related site will be uninterrupted during the Contest Period or error-free.
21. Limitation of liability: Conduct of the contest. The Released Parties disclaim all
liability for any of the following that may limit or prevent any person from entering the
contest: malfunction of any computer component, software or communication line, the
loss or absence of a communication network, or any transmission that is faulty,
incomplete, incomprehensible or erased by any computer or network. The Released
Parties further disclaim all liability for any damage or loss that may be caused, directly
or indirectly, in whole or in part, by the downloading of any Web page or software, or
by the transmission of any information related to participation in the contest.
22. Contest modification. The Contest Organizers reserve the right, at their sole
discretion, to cancel, terminate, modify or suspend, in whole or in part, this contest
should human intervention or an event take place that could interfere or affect the proper
administration, security, impartiality or conduct of the contest as provided by these
Rules, subject to the approval of the Régie des alcools des courses et des jeux du
Québec, if required.
23. Termination of participation in the contest. In the event that the computer system
is unable to register all the contest entries during the Contest Period for any reason
whatsoever, or if contest participation must be terminated in whole or in part before the
date indicated in these Rules, the Prize may be awarded according to terms and
conditions to be determined by the Contest Organizers, at their sole discretion.
24. Prize limit. Under no circumstances shall the Contest Organizers be required to award
more Prizes than indicated in these Rules or to award a Prize in a manner other than
that stipulated herein.
25. Limitation of liability: Participation in the contest. Persons who enter or try to
enter this contest release the Released Parties from any liability or damage they may
incur as a result of their participation or attempt to participate in the contest.
26. Authorization. By entering this contest, the entrant selected for a prize authorizes the
Contest Organizers and their representatives to use, if required, his/her name, province
and city of residence, photo, likeness, voice and/or statement regarding the Prize, for
publicity purposes, without compensation.
27. Communication with entrants. No communication or correspondence related to this
contest will be exchanged with entrants except as provided for in these Rules or on the
Contest Organizers’ initiative.
28. Personal information. Entrants’ personal information collected for the purposes of this
contest will be used solely to administer the contest. No commercial or other
communications unrelated to this contest will be sent to an entrant unless they have
agreed otherwise.
29. Property. The Declarations are the property of the Contest Organizers and shall not
under any circumstances be returned to entrants.
30. Entrant identification. For the purposes of these Rules, the entrant is the authorized
account holder associated with the email used to enter the contest. It is to this person
to whom the Prize will be awarded if he/she is selected and declared the winner.
31. Contest Organizers’ decision. Subject to any decision of the Régie des alcools, des
courses et des jeux du Québec, in connection with any matter under its jurisdiction, any
decision by the Contest Organizers pertaining to this contest is final and without appeal.
32. Disputes. Any dispute regarding the organization or conduct of a publicity contest may
be submitted to the Régie des alcools, des courses et des jeux for a ruling. Any dispute
respecting the awarding of a Prize may be submitted to the Régie solely for the purpose
of helping the parties reach a settlement.
33. Unenforceability. If a section of these Rules is declared or deemed illegal,
unenforceable or invalid by a competent court, that section shall be considered invalid,
but all unaffected sections will be applied within the limits of the law.
34. Language. In the event of a discrepancy between the French and the English versions
of these Rules, the French version shall prevail.