Bell Media – Canal D – Discover Alaska – Win a travel package for 2 in Alaska valued at $8,300

Canal D

CONTEST – “Discover Alaska”


The ” Discover Alaska ” Contest (hereinafter “Contest”) is organized by Bell Media Inc. (hereinafter “Bell Media”). It begins on January 8, 2018 and ends on February 4, 2018 at 11:59 pm EDT (hereinafter the “Contest Period”). Any reference to this by-law relative to the time refers to Eastern Daylight Savings Time.


The Contest is open to all persons 21 years of age and over and residing in Quebec, with the exception of employees, agents and / or representatives of Bell Media and the travel agency Uniktour – Voyageurs du Monde (hereafter the “Travel Agency”) or their affiliated companies, advertising agencies or any intervener related to the Contest and, respectively, of any person with whom such employee, agent and / or representative is domiciled or any member of his immediate family . For the purposes of the Contest Rules, “immediate family” means the father, mother, brothers, sisters, children, husband and wife or common-law partner of such employee, agent and / or representative.



For a chance to win, watch Canal D programming from January 8, 2018 to February 4, 2018 inclusively. Each day, a competition index will appear on the screen once an hour, between 11am and 11pm. Find and rate the contest index of the day and visit the Canal D website at by 11:59 pm the same day. Fill out the electronic entry form, complete all the mandatory fields, enter the correct day’s competition index and answer the mathematical question. Then click on “Participate” (hereinafter the “Electronic Entry”). The next day, and during each day of the contest period, you will be able to participate again according to the same conditions. In total, twenty-eight (28) competition indices will be found.

There is a limit of one (1) Electronic Entry, per day and per person, for a maximum of 28 different Electronic Entries per person for the entire duration of the Contest.

A Participant may only use one email address (which must be valid) to register via the Electronic Entries. The same email address can not be used by more than one participant.

No purchase is required to enter the Contest.


The prize (hereinafter “the Prize”) consists of a travel package for two (2) adults over the age of 21 in Alaska (seven (7) days and six (6) nights) for a value of 8,300. $ CAN. The price includes round-trip economy airfare with stopover from Montreal-Trudeau Airport (YUL) to Anchorage Airport, accommodation, 3 * in standard double room, car rental category Intermediate automatic (liability insurance included) and excursions. For all details and conditions applying to the Prize, see Annex I.

The Prize is limited exclusively to the description given above.

Bell Media reserves the right, in its sole discretion, to replace the Prize, or a portion of the Prize, with others of comparable value, such as a travel credit of CAN $ 8,300 or monetary compensation in the amount of CAN $ 8,300 for any reason.


Of the e-Entries received, one draw per week will be held on Monday, January 15, 22, 29 and February 5, 2018 at 11:00 am at Bell Media’s offices (1717 René-Lévesque Boulevard East, 2nd Floor, Montreal, Quebec, H2J 4T9 ) to determine 20 finalists each week whose names will be announced on the social networks of Canal D.

Each draw of finalists will be made from all Electronic Entries since the beginning of the Contest. For example, a person may become a finalist following the last draw for an Electronic Entry completed during the first week of the Contest.

The 20 finalists of the week will correspond to 20 different participants, so that one person can not be named more than once. That said, the same person can be named more than once in the 80 finalists if it is drawn during different weeks.

The odds of being a finalist depend on the number of Electronic Entries received.


Among the 80 finalists, a draw will take place on February 5, 2018 at 2:00 pm at Bell Media’s offices (1717 René-Lévesque Boulevard East, 2nd floor, Montreal, Quebec, H2J 4T9) to award the prize.

Odds of winning are one in 80, unless one person is more than once a finalist as provided in paragraph 6.


To be declared a Winner, the entrant whose Electronic Entry has been randomly selected to win the Prize must respect the participation and eligibility conditions set out in this Regulation. Failure to comply with one or more of these conditions will result in disqualification and another draw to determine a new Winner.

In the event that Bell Media is made aware that the Winner has acted contrary to the rules or general spirit of this Contest, Bell Media reserves the right to disqualify this Winner and to nominate another Winner. to award the Prize.

Bell Media will notify the Winner by phone and / or email. In the event that Bell Media is unable to contact the person selected for the draw for any reason within forty-eight (48) hours of the draw, Bell Media will make as many new draws as may be required to award the Prize.

The name of the Winner will be aired during the broadcast of the first episode of Australia: The Gold Rush on February 7, 2018 at 8 pm. The names of all the finalists will be announced in various ways, including via Facebook and the Contest page.

In order to claim the Prize, the Winner must complete and sign a declaration and release form (the “Form”) that will be faxed to and / or emailed by Bell Media and returned with a duly completed and signed copy of the form. forty-eight (48) hours after receipt, failing which Bell Media reserves the right in its sole discretion to re-draw the Prize. In the event that Bell Media decides not to proceed to a new draw, the Prize will simply not be awarded.

Bell Media will inform the Winner by email or telephone upon receipt of the Form, details of the transmission of the Prize.

In the event that it is impossible to deliver the Prize to the Winner, for whatever reason, the Prize must be claimed at Bell Media’s offices (1717 René-Lévesque Boulevard East, Montreal, Quebec, H2L 4T9). late fifteen (15) days after the transmission period described herein, failing which its attribution will become void. In this case, the Prize will not be re-circulated and will not be awarded.

Bell Media, its respective corporations and divisions and any other corporate body corporate, advertising or promotional agencies and respectively shareholders, directors, officers, employees, and Bell Media affiliated cable television distributors, and any other interveners related to this Contest (hereinafter referred to as “Release Beneficiaries”) are released from any and all liability for the Prize and Contest and make no warranties with respect thereto.

All Prizes must be accepted as awarded and may not be transferred without the prior written consent of Bell Media, substituted for another prize or exchanged. In the event that, for reasons beyond its control and unrelated to the winners, Bell Media could not award the Prize as described in these rules, Bell Media reserves the right to award a prize (or a portion of the prize). ) of the same nature and of equivalent value or, in its sole discretion.

Bell Media will not assume any liability whatsoever in any case where its inability to act results from a fact or situation beyond its control or from a strike, lockout or other conflict work in its establishments or in the establishments of the organizations or companies whose services are used in the context of this Competition.

By entering this Contest, the Winner authorizes the contest organizers to use, if required, his name, photograph, place of residence, voice, image and / or statement regarding his prize for advertising purposes and without any form. of remuneration. In addition, the eighty (80) finalists and the Winner authorize that their names, names and cities of residence be broadcast on Canal D and / or on the Internet page of this Contest without any form of remuneration. .

Bell Media reserves the right to reject any Entry that is incomplete, illegible, mutilated, or contains a human or mechanical error and to proceed to the draw of another Electronic Entry.

Release Beneficiaries will not be liable for incomplete or incomprehensible contact information from participants.

Any Entry or attempted entry using an electronic, computer or other means contrary to the spirit of this Contest (eg hacking, mass mailing, etc.) will automatically be rejected and may be referred to the competent judicial authorities. Any automated participation will be identified and rejected.

Release Beneficiaries will not be liable for any problem including, but not limited to: technical malfunction of telephone networks or lines, online computer systems, servers or suppliers, computer equipment, software, or any other resulting problem directly or indirectly from a virus, bugs or failure when sending emails to Bell Media, for any reason, including, but not limited to, congested on the Internet or in a website or combination of both. Bell Media and the other Release Beneficiaries can not be held responsible for any damages that may affect the computer equipment of the participants following their registration in the Contest. The Release Beneficiaries can not be held responsible for any damage or problem that may be caused by a signal interruption or a technical failure to broadcast and / or receive the signal from the channel. Bell Media and the other Release Beneficiaries will not be liable for any other problem that may interfere with the successful operation of this Contest in accordance with the rules herein, including but not limited to the foregoing, cancellation or the postponement of the promotions on the air of said Competition.

Any person selected for the Prize acknowledges that upon receipt of a notice confirming the Prize, the performance of the services related to the booking of the trip, if any, becomes the entire and exclusive responsibility of the Travel Agency. travel whose contact details are available in Annex I.

Bell Media reserves the right to modify or cancel the Contest without notice, subject to obtaining any approval that may be required by the Régie des alcools, racing and games of Québec.

Bell Media’s decisions are final and without appeal.

For residents of Quebec, a dispute over the organization or conduct of a publicity contest may be submitted to the Liquor, Racing and Gaming Authority for resolution. A dispute over the awarding of a prize may be submitted to the Liquor, Racing and Gaming Commission only for the purpose of helping the parties reach a settlement.

The names of the Contest Winners will be available at Bell Media’s offices, located at 1717 René-Lévesque Boulevard East, Montreal, Quebec H2L 4T9, between 9 am and 5 pm, Monday to Friday, February 7 to 28, 2018, and on Canal D’s website at

Contest rules are available at Bell Media’s offices located at 1717 René-Lévesque Boulevard East, Montréal, Québec H2L 4T9 and on Canal D’s website at for the duration of the Contest.


Description and conditions of the Prize awarded to the Contest Winner :

1. The price includes:

Air tickets with stop (s) from Montréal Trudeau (YUL). Round trip economy class;
Rental of an automatic mid-grade vehicle at Anchorage Airport for a period of 7 days;
Visits and excursions (with English-speaking guide) depending on the time of the trip and availability;
6 nights at the hotel.

The ideal time to discover Alaska is between June 1st and September 15th.

2. The Prize excludes meals.

3. Rental of the vehicle:


be at least 21 years old;
present the driver’s license of each driver, valid for more than one year at the time of taking over the vehicle and an international credit card in the name of the main driver, failing which this portion of the Prize will be canceled without compensation any.

Are excluded:

The costs of returning the vehicle to a different city;
Expenses related to additional drivers
The young driver supplement (under 25 years old);
The expenses related to baby / child seats;
Optional insurance such as PIP, covering personal effects in the vehicle and the PAI covering the driver and passengers, or collision damage-free insurance (CDW).

4. Other terms and conditions:

The Prize must be redeemed no later than September 15, 2018, that is, the date of return of the trip must be no later than September 15, 2018;

The booking request must be made at least 3 months before the desired departure date and in any case no later than 31 May 2018 by contacting the contact person at the Travel Agency:

Nicolas Valente

Uniktour – Travelers of the world

Travel Advisor

555 René Lévesque Boulevard West – RC03

Montreal, QC, H2Z1B1

Such. : + 1 866 722 0909 (ext. 231)

The details and inclusions of the trip will depend on availability at the time of booking and the schedule in effect;

Any adjustment of the travel package at the time of booking, at its own request, will be the responsibility of the winner.

In the event that the Winner requires transfers to the scheduled departure city (Montreal), the costs of such transfers shall be borne by the Winner;

Please note that general terms and conditions apply to this booking (please consult the travel agency authorized – contact details above);

In the event of an unforeseen event, Bell Media and the Travel Agency reserve the right to change the dates of travel by a few days after informing the Winner;

No extension of the validity date is allowed.

It is the responsibility of the Winner (and passengers of his choice, if applicable) to take out adequate travel insurance prior to departure. The insurances are at the Winner’s expense, as well as the gasoline costs, the costs related to any contravention and any other costs related to the rental car;

Arrangements related to the trip must be made by the Winner from the Travel Agency whose contact details are above and within the time prescribed by the Contest organizers. The Winner must provide the travel agency with the name on their passport and the name and contact information of the guest.

It is understood that in all cases, the travel package applies only to the land portions of the programs offered by the Travel Agency. Therefore, the following uses are excluded: purchase of airline tickets without land, cruises, all-inclusive packages and group travel.

The Travel Agency reserves the right to offer a comparable product in the event of cancellation of the program, force majeure or any other situation beyond the control of the Travel Agency;

Any necessary travel document (passport, visa, etc.) is the responsibility of the Winner (and passengers of his choice, if applicable); he must obtain them before departure and / or check their period of validity. It is strongly recommended that passports be valid 6 months after the expected return date. More details here: