RTA Cabinet Store – Win new kitchen cabinets valued up to $5,000

Contest Terms & Conditions

We know everyone hates all the legal fine print, so if you are looking for something to help lull you to sleep, you can read all the contest terms and conditions here:

No purchase necessary to enter and a purchase does not increase chances of winning. Frankly, we are just happy you are here to see us! Unlike most contests, there is no official drawing date for the winner(s)… it is based upon number of entries and orders in the system. So each time we hit 30 kitchens, we will be randomly selecting a new winner.

How to Enter. Submit a pint of blood and sign over the rights to your first born child… or just send us a puppy. No, seriously, it is as easy as answering a couple of questions at this link. Assuming you can answer 8 questions before you lose focus, you will be automatically entered! It is as simple as that.

The prize package consists of the cost of new kitchen cabinets (that doesn’t include the food that goes in them!). Since every kitchen size is different, we will cover the cost of the CABINETS for up to $5,000…. If your kitchen is the size of a gourmet restaurant, you may have to cough up a couple of bucks. Trust me, a $5,000 cabinet order is more than fits in 90% of the kitchens in the US. If you were really smart and took advantage of the amazing 30% discount offer (I can’t believe management actually agreed to do that), and you were one of the lucky winners, we will just reimburse your payment back to your credit card or Paypal account… unless you just want to blow it on some crazy party and invite us!

So wait….we won’t be coming out to your house, reframing the walls, adding an addition, and redo the plumbing??? Nope! While it would be nice to have an army of elves (or even Gremlins that multiply by adding water), we only manufacture and sell the cabinets. We will take care of getting the cabinets to your door, but the demo, assembly, and installation are up to you or your contractor.

If you wish to enter this promotion but do not wish to submit your info through the interwebs (because it really is just a fad) please send a 3.5″ x 6″ postcard (grab your ruler) with your name, address & e-mail address printed on the back. Entries are limited to one per person, per day. Mail this postcard to: Attn: Contest Entry, RTA Cabinet Store, 6 Union Hill Road, Conshohocken, PA 19428. RTA Cabinet Store is not responsible for late, lost, stolen, damaged, garbled, incomplete, misdirected or postage due mail/entries. The day your postcard is RECEIVED by RTA Cabinet Store is the day you will be entered into the contest. If your postcard is received after the contest ends, you are not eligible to win. Otherwise, if you don’t want to mess with stamps, envelopes, legible writing, and all that nonsense, you can also go to this webpage for online entry.

Eligibility. This promotion is open to legal residents of the continental United States and Canada, 21 years of age or older at the time of entry. Sorry, but if you are ordering from some cave in Patagonia, we can’t ship your kitchen down there. If it can get to you by truck from our facility in Philadelphia, you can enter…. Except Dallas, since we really have a hard time selling cabinets to Dallas Cowboys fans (if you don’t follow football that joke just went right over your head)

Conditions (you know there is always a catch!). By entering, each entrant accepts and agrees to be bound by these rules and decisions of RTA Cabinet Store and its judges. Any taxes or other expenses not specified herein are the sole responsibility of the winner. Prizes are not redeemable for cash, exchanged or transferable, except at the sole discretion of RTA Cabinet Store which reserves the right to substitute a prize with one of similar or greater value if a prize is unavailable. By accepting a prize, the winner agrees that RTA Cabinet Store and its independent judging organization accept no responsibility or liability in connection with injuries, losses, or damages of any kind caused by or resulting from the acceptance, possession or usage of the prize awarded hereunder. Kitchen cabinet assembly or installation is the sole responsibility of the customer. RTA Cabinet Store is not required to assemble or install any products purchased as part of the contest. By entering this contest you agree to sign over your soul…. No seriously, by entering the contest you agree to let us publish your first name, initial, and state in various media and publications (we want to help you get your 15 minutes of fame). In addition to that, as part of the conditions we would like to get some really nice pictures and video of your kitchen to use on the site. Let’s show off your beautiful new kitchen!!

We will announce the winners on the contest page and on social media after we have made contact with them….. so if you give us that random email address you use for coupon offers or “other things” you want to be sneaky about, or you only check your email once a year when a co-worker or family member says they sent you a funny video, then you most likely will miss out on winning! We will try to reach the winner for a week, and if we don’t hear back, we will have to give it to the next lucky person (sorry!). So you might want to make sure that our emails are reaching your inbox!

How we deal with cheaters. While we would like to think that everyone plays fair, we have been doing this for quite a long time… IF you are caught cheating by doing any of the following, we WILL hunt you down and taser you! (You didn’t really think we were going to tell you how to cheat by listing them here, did you?). Let’s just say that we have a room full of underpaid, caffeine addicted interns sitting around watching for cheaters (these kids are way smarter than we are).

Winners List. For a list of major prize winners, send a self-addressed, stamped envelope by mail to: Attn: Contest Winners List, RTA Cabinet Store, 6 Union Hill Road, Conshohocken, PA 19428. Otherwise, we will start posting the winners on the results page as we get the photos and videos back from each winner.
Void Where Prohibited by Law. This drawing and your participation in it is void where prohibited by law.
Privacy and Use of Information: No, we are not collecting your data to sell to some third world country so that they can send you emails from a South African king that REALLY wants to send you millions of dollars, but he needs you to pay the small fee to get the money released (fortunately we are just too lazy to do that, and we really hate spam email). Your info is needed so that if you actually win, we know how to get in touch with you! You will also receive some superbly crafted emails keeping you informed about the contest and specials that we are running, so rest assured, if you get an email from a rich relative you never knew you had…. it wasn’t from us!